Info Regarding Product Reviews and the Promise of FleurdeCurl.

Sponsored Posts: I would love to spotlight your blog, business or product.  If you would you like an entire post dedicated to your blog, business or product, email me at info@fleurdecurl.com.  Please include “Sponsored Posts” in the subject line of the email.  FleurdeCurl does not accept monetary compensation for sponsored posts.

 Product Reviews/Giveaways:  I try to attract more traffic to FleurdeCurl through sponsored giveaways.  After completion of my first giveaway, I was genuinely surprised at the response; and the best way to get more exposure of your product is to have them reviewed (unbiasly) or included in contests and giveaways.  The majority of the traffic on FleurdeCurl comes from Product Review and Giveaway posts.  I would love to fairly review any product submitted to FleurdeCurl and would equally enjoy hosting giveaways for your product if it is of interest to the purpose of FleurdeCurl. If you or your company have any type of products: (beauty, natural hair care, jewelry) that you would like for me to review or to give away, you can contact me at info@fleurdecurl.com.  Please include Product Review/Giveaway in the subject line.  I would love share your products and services with my readers!

Take a look at some of my last product reviews/giveaways:

Natural Hair Care Product Reviews 

Beauty Product Reviews


Here are some of the interviews I’ve completed for FleurdeCurl spotlighting products and services:



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