My Essence Festival Weekend

Hello readers!  I know it’s been a while.  I’ve been getting my vacationing in before school starts this fall.  If you haven’t heard, I’ll be starting the MLIS program at LSU in the fall.  I am very excited because it took me almost 14 years post Bachelor’s Degree to finally go back to school.  Obtaining my Master’s in Library and Information Science has been a dream of mine since I was a child…and now my dream is finally coming true.  This all will be challenging because I am working full time, but this is also something that I am passionate about and I am ready to begin my future.  I’ve also been looking for Library work in my local area so I can get more experience in my field.  It’s been a busy few months, stalking job sites and ensuring that my resume is in its tip-top shape. Because of this, I finally decided to take a break for one of my favorite weekends of  the year–4th of July–and what else would I do but visit the Essence Festival!  

I’ve always wanted to attend the 365 Black Awards during the festival and stalked the website all year long, waiting to RSVP some seats.  By my surprise, one day while I was at lunch, I logged on to my email and saw that I could reserve seats to this event!  I expediently did so and now I am sharing that experience with you.  I loved this event as much as I love the whole Essence experience.  I had fun this year, even though I did not spend the whole weekend in New Orleans!  If you haven’t experienced the Essence Festival, I say you have to try it at least once.  Check out the seminars, the 365 Black Awards, the excitement in the Convention Center, the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo,  the specialness of the city, and of course the concerts!  You are never too old or too young to enjoy Essence Weekend.  

Here are some shots of my hair and what I did last weekend! The awards show will be aired sometime this summer and I cannot wait to watch it again!  Were you there this weekend?  Please share your experiences with me!

Were you in New Orleans last weekend?  Please share your experiences with me!


Kelly Price

Anthony Hamilton and the Hamiltones 

Lance Gross and Amber Riley

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…so…you’re wondering why I chopped my hair off?

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding my choice of cutting my hair.  I’ve been natural for six years now and I guess everyone was accustomed to seeing me with long hair.  Truth is, I was never satisfied with it.  Of course, I was excited to see my hair gain lengths that I haven’t seen in years, but, I always felt like a short haired girl.  Being honest with you guys, that was the real reason I wore a short haired wig on the weekends.


                A lot of you guys will never understand why I love short hair.  It seems as if these days, we are chasing the long hair dream: let’s go natural to see how long our hair can grow; let’s aspire to have as much hair as possible; let’s get a long and flowing sew in because it makes us feel feminine.  I guess, as always, I feel opposite than everyone else.  We each have the one thing that makes us feel good about ourselves and for me; it was my hair being short.  I’m not saying anything about my longer haired girls…I was doing that for over 4 years.  I just became tired of it.  I didn’t like the maintenance.  I didn’t feel like it was my style.

                There were also other things that happened to me during the years that were symbolic of cutting my hair.  Cutting my hair was symbolic of letting go of things that I had to let go of that kept me in the same place that I’ve been for so long.  After I decided to let go, good things began to happen to me.  I was admitted into LSU’s Master of Library and Information Science program, my professional pursuits are coming toward fruition, I was able to purchase a new car and begin work on my home, I finally began my plant-based diet and am able to get my blood glucose numbers within control.  I had to let go of a lot of thoughts and feelings that held me back in the past.  My hair was one of the things that were holding me back symbolically.  If anyone knows what I mean, then you know why I did it.  I feel like Kimba…I feel free.  I feel like I can conquer anything.


                Cutting my hair also forced me to look at myself and know that I am beautiful.  I did not have long hair to hide behind.  You can actually see my face.  I feel more confident now…and since I’ve cut my hair, I get compliments every day about how I look.  LOL.  You guys know that I do not fish for compliments, but now that I am getting them more than I was before, I have confirmation that this was a good choice.

                At the end of the day, I don’t care about the negative comments that I receive about cutting all of my hair off.  I know that I have to live with myself and I have to do things that make me happy.  I think that we get so caught up with trying to impress other people; we forget that we need to take care of our mental selves.  If you are happy with who you are and how you do things and if it is a legitimate form of doing things, then you need to do what makes you happy despite  what the masses think.  Embarking on your natural hair journey should not be a race to obtain the longest hair; it should be a choice that you make because you are satisfied with your natural beauty.  Naturals should not try to conform other naturals to our ideals of beauty…that is hypocritical to the very reason we started on this journey.  We should embrace every natural and not be swift to negativity because one person does not think the way that we do.  In short, that’s how you turn people off and create a negative experience for the one person who needed the positivity the most.


                I’ll just be frank with everyone.  I’ll preface by saying I love you guys…but I love my hair the way it is, and negative comments about my flat top fade or shaved head will not do anything to change my mind about my hair.  I’m happy now and that’s all that matters.  When you keep digging into others for something that they are doing, you need to reflect internally to see why you have this problem.  Usually, it’s something that’s within you that you are not satisfied with.  If that is the case, strive for satisfaction for self and you will see that is the key to happiness.

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Why I Color Correct

If you guys know me, you know that I have dark circles under my eyes and on the sides of my face. When I was younger, I didn’t know that hyper pigmentation was an issue with darker skinned black females and I would try different things to combat the problem short of bleaching my skin. All of the harsh and abrasive things that I used growing up added to the darkness in these areas.

After researching how I can mask these unflattering areas, I found the one thing that works wonderfully for me–color correction.  When using the right color corrector, I can transform my make up from okay to flawless or just use color corrector to mask my imperfections without using a lot of makeup.


My favorite color corrector: Pro. Conceal HD concealer by LA Girl


After, I use a beauty blender to blend out the color corrector making sure I only blend in the needed areas and then blend outward to eliminate any lines of demarcation.


After blending out and setting with Elf’s HD Translucent Powder.


Here I am with only Orange Color Corrector, Elf’s HD Translucent Powder, eye brows by Anastasia Beverly Hills and Dorothy by Magnolia Makeup on my lips.

I know you may have a lot of questions concerning color correcting for your skin color or need.  I have dark circles, so I use orange color corrector.  I’ll link  on the picture below a site you can visit to help you out.  Also, my favorite make up vloggers like Destiny Godley covers color correction  a lot in her videos, so you can check out her vlogs to get more information.


Click on the Picture to check out Tania’s Beauty

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shout out to my friend Amy…This is our SONG!

International Natural Hair Meet Up Day NOLA Recap

If you didn’t know, I was invited to INHMD to speak on a blogger panel by Jabreel of Kinks, Kurves and Krafts  The panel was about transitioning.  I had a lot of transitioning stories because during the time of 2009 – October of 2010, I had issues with transitioning because I had nothing to focus on and the advent of natural hair vlogs was still in its infancy.  I jumped at the chance to join the panel and to be a part of this event because I hadn’t been to a natural hair meet up since last year’s INHMD.

The evening before the event, I went to my stylist and had him clean up my cut and cut off all of my bangs that were damaged by the color that I had in my hair previously.  During the cut, it felt like I was big chopping again, but when he was done, I was in awe.  I love this short hair and since I’ll be attending graduate school in the fall, I’ll keep my hair short like this for a little while.


I have a TWA again!

We arrived at the event and I was in awe with what the vendors had to sell.  I was also excited to see Niala Howard of Magnolia Makeup.  If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I adore Magnolia Makeup, so when I saw Niala there, I was excited of course.  I just want you guys to check out their lip colors and pigments.  They are for dark skinned women such as myself and I am thankful for my friend Kandi for introducing me to this brand.



I just had to get a pic!

So, after looking at all of the vendor tables, I finally got a chance to speak during the blogger panel with @CentricSista and @naturallygreer.  We gave our opinions about Transitioning from a perspective of someone who went through the process and not a professional.  My advice has been the same for the past 6 years: If you are not comfortable with wearing your hair in its natural state, evaluate why you want to wear your hair natural and appropriate time to make sure it’s something that you want to do before you do it.  If you want to see me on the panel, I’ve posted the video  from my facebook page below. 13239438_10154278388503274_8957003876141751577_n

The rest of the event touched on caring and styling your natural hair.  The stylist panel gave information regarding how to care for your natural hair on your own and with a professional.  They stressed seeing a professional when you can, but properly taking care of your hair when you cannot.





All and All, I really enjoyed this event and I appreciate being a part of it.  I thank Jabreel for inviting me and I am thankful for meeting a few connections that I made so I can bring more content for you through the blog.  Because of this event, I have a lot more content for you coming, so stay tuned.

Let me know if you were at the event, and if you have any pics with me of- me, please tag me in them.

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So…What Are You Doing Next Saturday Afternoon?

If you are in the New Orleans area, come check out the International Natural Hair Meetup Day hosted by Kinks, Kurves and Krafts.

I’ve been to a lot of International Natural Hair Meetup days around the state of Louisiana and I have to tell you, every last one of them were awesome.

BTW, Did I mention that I’ll be on a blogger panel as well?

Click Here to check out Kinks, Kurves and Krafts’ blog, learn more about the meetup, and  purchase tickets in advance. 



Cannot Wait to See You Guys There!