My Causes

We all have something that captivates and motivates us. Without causes, we are extracted from humanity. I’ve found so many things that motivate me for change and service. Here are a few of my causes…Here are a few ways you can help these causes:

Diabetes Awareness:

You know me…I’m Fleur de Curl…I’m Kimba.  Did you know I was diagnosed with Diabetes over 10 years ago? 

It’s been a struggle.  I am still struggling.  I’ve learned what foods exacerbate my condition, what behaviors help my condition.  I’ve learned to live as a diabetic. 

A lot of us can prevent Diabetes.  A lot of us can support those who already have the condition.  Yes…I’m Kimba and I am 1 of the 25.8 million Americans in the US with Diabetes. 

“Join the Movement…” Help to stop Diabetes. 

MS Awareness:

During my lifetime, I’ve met tons of beautiful people.  3 of them suffer with Multiple Sclerosis.  MS is a condition that we all know but know nothing about.  Watch out for the warning signs of MS.  I saw them a lot and never knew what they were.  I wish I knew what they were at the time to help a friend. 

Learn more about MS.  It may help you in the future.  It may help a friend right now. 

Be a Volunteer. Learn More about MS.


 HIV/AIDS Awareness:

Did you know women account for 1 in 4 new HIV/AIDS cases in the US? Did you also know that 2 in 3 are Black women?  We all obsess about our natural hair and our style but what about our health?  What about our ignorance to a disease that is reaching so many of us for no reason? Be aware.  Take the test.  Know your status.  Knowing your status with HIV and AIDS is only half of the battle. 

 June 27th is National HIV Testing Day.  Learn Your Status. 

Take the Test, Take Control. National HIV Testing Day – 6/27/2010

Cancer Awareness

We all know someone who is living or who has passed because of cancer.  Cancer attacks all parts of our bodies and sometimes we are not even aware.  Support those who have the burden of cancer because that is the one disease we can fight…we can only fight if we have support.

You don’t need to donate your money to help fight cancer…but you can donate your time.

Foster Care & Adoption

If it wasn’t for adoption, I probably wouldn’t be here today.  I was given a second chance with a family who took me in as their own.  Invest your time…give a child the gift of parents…the gift of life. 

I’ve been a mentor for almost a year.  One of my kids is in foster care.  We can relate.  Just the little time that I spend with her talking and showing how much I care means more to me sometimes than it does for her.  There are so many ways you can donate, volunteer, mentor, provide foster care or adopt. 

Share Your Love

Clean Drinking Water

Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. I’ll let this video explain why this is so important:



I don’t have to say much about the importance of recycling for our environment.  It’s not hard.  Here are some resources to help you become a better reuser. 

Resources on how you can recycle more.

Using Reusable Shopping Bags

Did you know 1 million plastic bags are used every minute and a single plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to degrade?  Think about that next time you go shopping and sport a cute, sassy, reusable bag.  It not only makes you look good…it helps our environment. 


Find your ideal…funky…fresh…shopping bags!



If you have any causes you would like for me to share and assist with, Contact Me.  I am always open for volunteer projects and other ways of initiating change and providing service.


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