Naturalista Spotlight: Kerdisha St.Louis from the KS Chronicles

It’s time for another Naturalista Spotlight and I am happy to share Kerdisha with you.  She is the author of the blog and vlog: theKSChronicles and is gorgeous!  Please follow her blog, vlog or follow her on social media and spread some love.  I hope that you enjoy the interview!

My name is Kerdisha St.Louis, hailing from the nature isle of the Caribbean, Dominica.

Any Shoutouts you want to give?  Shout out to Dominica #irep767


Why did you decide to wear your hair natural?
Going natural was something I decided to do in college. I was all about discovering myself and loving myself for who I am so embracing my natural hair felt right at that time. I made the decision early 2013.

Do you have any natural hair stories that you want to share?
One of the best memories i have of my hair was when my boyfriend ( who was skeptical at first) started randomly playing in my hair one day and said ‘i like it this way’. It really made me feel good because he liked my relaxed hair lol.


How did you educate yourself about natural hair?
I googled and  youtubed and pinterested the heck out of natural hair lol.

What type of routine do you follow?
My hair regimen is pretty simple. Every two weeks or so I detangle my hair with a cheap shampoo and plain old water put it in large loose two strand twists and cleanse my scalp. I do this with diluted sulfate free shampoo then I will rinse everything out and do a deep condition for an hour with either hair mayonnaise or Giovanni Direct Deeper Moisture Conditioner depending on what I think my hair needs. After a brief session in an old tee-shirt to absorb most of the water ill moisturize with Giovanni Direct Leave in conditioner, add a light oil such as sweet almond oil or Jaydee’s Naturals Whipped Shea Butter from my friend Jodie. After this I let my hair dry in braids to stretch it out and proceed to style for the week after it has dried to about 95%. I will moisturize during the week with my mix of or Giovanni Direct, water and aloe vera juice and seal with either an oil or whipped shea butter. At night i always try to go to bed in my satin bonnet.


What are your favorite hair products?
Giovanni direct leave in and deeper moisture conditioner and shea butter

Do you have any advice for our new naturals?
keep going. although it may get hard and frustrating all the challenges will be worth it in the end. it does get easier.


Do you have any regrets?
Once I trimmed my hair with a pair of scissors that were not for hair cutting… BIG mistake, I cut off wayy to much hair. Lesson learned.


How can we follow you and your hair?

I do have a blog its where I write about hair,makeup, diys and more.
You can also find me these places:

twitter: @thekschronicles

Instagram: @thekschronicles IMG_1097

FB:  @thekschronicles

YouTube: @thekschronicles

Pinerest: @thekschronicles




Natural Business Spotlight: Happi 2 B Natural (H2BN, LLC)

This business feature is about an awesome Natural Hair business out of Baton Rouge, LA: Happi 2 B Natural (H2BN, LLC).  Pleases show some love to this Sista owned business by following them:, @h2bnnaturals and @h2bn_naturals on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and FacebookDon’t forget to use the discount code FDC25 for Fleur de Curl followers on your order!

Owners: Kiera Robins and Michelle Vicks (we started our business in October 2010)


Where are you from: Baton Rouge, LA.

Vision or Purpose of Your Business: H2BN, LLC is a company based on creating quality and affordable natural skin and hair care products. Our mission is to help individuals to make wise informed decisions on the products they purchase to use on their hair and skin, via our existence on social media sites, our website, & our events.

Highlighted Product(s): Coco Almond Hair Milk, Maximum Moisture Hair Cream, and Uyai’s Hydro Spritzer (all Best Sellers)


Possible Discount(s) and Codes: FDC25 (for Fleur De Curls followers)

Inspiration: Our inspiration to open a Natural Body & Hair Care business was the lack of products that worked on our hair types and to have natural products that weren’t harmful to our skin and hair.

10426844_10203177188339995_4236890764733898277_n 10931430_10203247555179122_1250405865398110252_n

Anything We Can Look Out for From Your Business in the Future: We will be hosting our 1st Annual Shop for a Cause event to show our support to various causes and we will be hosting our 4th Annual Baton Rouge Natural Hair Expo on the first weekend in November. So look out for these wonderful events.

10653761_800634049998389_6325376808703266821_n 10720864_730676516979502_2110837684_o

Contact/Social Networking Info:, @h2bnnaturals and @h2bn_naturals on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Until Next Time…

Natural Business Spotlight: Patricia From Global Couture

As all of you know, travel is my passion.  When I first heard of Global Couture, I was immediately interested in its owner Patricia, a natural who began this company 2 years ago when she wanted to represent a new natural consciousness on apparel.  You don’t know how delighted I was to be able to share this interview with you. Patricia reminds me so much of myself and she is making my mission/dream come true with Global Couture. I hope that you enjoy this interview, and don’t forget to check out Global Couture @

My name is Patricia and I am the Owner and Designer of Global Couture ( I am originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan and currently reside in St. Louis, MO. During the day, I am a tenured college counselor and full time doctoral candidate completing my dissertation. I decided to begin Global Couture 2 years ago, when I noticed I couldn’t find any accessories or natural hair apparel (mainly T shirts) I wanted to wear, that reflected my new consciousness.

Where did your inspiration for custom fashion come from?

Much of my inspiration for Global Couture ( comes from the various natural hair communities (via blogs, natural hair meet-ups, and YouTube) which I so joyously joined over  two years ago.  Global Couture is an expression of my love for travel, self-exploration, cultural expression, and creativity. Global Couture designs hair accessories, jewelry, & apparel for the bold, chic, and culturally curious. Global Couture is trying to spread the word about embracing your natural hair and its reflection of our history. “Loving your hair represents loving yourself.” Love your curls, if they are wavy, curly, kinky or coily. I also want my work to create a dialogue around unchecked societal norms.

 photo 21DC2781-7937-4F8E-A029-4386A0908012_zpsg0gkxqz7.jpg

What is the most rewarding part of your career?

My vision for Global Couture is to encourage others to embrace the natural beauty in all of us from the inside-out. For me, hair is the beginning of the conversation of self-acceptance.

It took a long time to launch my idea because I was afraid of the unknown. I still struggle with wondering if it’s good enough or the occasional fear of failure, but the support I get from customers has helped tremendously. For sure, connecting with customers and Global Couture blogspot readers is the most rewarding.

 photo FFE9327C-8C75-4C6B-908E-52CDCB388900_zpsqunpszlw.jpg


When did you discover you were passionate about your craft?

I would say going BACK to natural has changed my life. Going back to my roots during this natural hair journey has been truly self-affirming. Through this journey, I fell in love with the freedom, self-expression, and renewed confidence fostered by a simple ‘hairdo’ change. I found quickly it was more than a hair style change, it became a lifestyle change. I began to take more risks outside of the expected and mainstream forms in beauty, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. I believe this ‘mini’ transformation paired with my travels through South American, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean has added to my appreciation for various forms of beauty, personal expression and culture expression. Global Couture is an expression of my renewed cultural appreciation.


Where is some where you have always wanted to visit? Where is the most exciting place you have been?

Traveling is my passion. I add stamps in my passport every chance I get! I came up with the name Global Couture and logo because I want my brand to reflect fresh, diverse, eclectic beauty and styles; I appreciate from around the world.  I have a huge list of places I want to travel but if I had to choose two places (since I can’t just choose 1) that I really want to visit they would be Africa and Bora Bora. I want to travel to Africa for a cultural mecca and Bora Bora for the beach (lol). I am really a beach babe at heart.

The most exciting place I have traveled would probably be China. Asia is so different from any other continent, so it was interesting to see their historical landmarks and experience their economic social structure.


What’s your vision for Global Couture?

My vision for Global Couture is to encourage others to embrace the natural beauty in all of us from the inside-out.  I want to continue to grow my business and expand partnerships with local and international charities.



What artist most influences you and why?

I don’t think I could name just one artist. I would say I am influenced by many artists, designers, and cultural scholars. I grew up with original work from Arnie Barnes and Paul Collins in my family home so I was definitely influenced by their celebration of Black culture. My personal style has been influenced from urban street style, Afropop, and modern design.


What projects do you have coming up? What should we look out for?

I currently sell T-shirts, hair accessories, bow ties, earrings, necklaces, totes, iPhone cases, and curly girl mugs. I have over 200 additional concepts in the works for my T shirt apparel and accessory line.


I launched the Global Couture Foundation this year. I have ALWAYS been compelled to serve others through counseling (day job), volunteering, and donating. I think this desire has developed over the years, in part, from my extended stays abroad* in South America and the Caribbean, where my understanding of poverty and human fortitude was deepened.

The “I am Global” tee was created to remind us of the global connection and responsibility we have to each other.

All profits will be donated to UNICEF (and similar local charities with a strong history of positive contributions) this year.

Please support by purchasing the “I am Global” tees for men and women at for $20. It would be a perfect tee for your next international trip or just to the grocery store, lol.


Where can we find Global Couture ?

Global Couture is sold exclusively online at &

Follow the blog:

I can be reached by email:

Any social networks?

Like Global Couture on Facebook, Twitter:@globalcouture1, and Follow on Instagram:@globalcouture, Pinterest: globalcouture1


I really enjoyed learning more about Patricia and Global Couture.  I definitely will stop by and take a look at some items to add to my personal collection.   I hope that you enjoyed this interview also and I hope that you show your love and support of Global Couture by visiting the site:, adding Patricia and Global Couture to your social networks or following the blog at:

I’ll depart by leaving you with a few photos of items that Global Couture sells.  I really love the chevron and kente cloth earrings/bow tie sets!

finish tiesUntil Next Time!

Naturalista Spotlight: BkAphrodite

Photo Credit: NaturalStyleMagazine

Photo Credit: NaturalStyleMagazine

Name: BkAphrodite

Where are you from? Brooklyn, New York

Any Shoutouts you want to give? All the gals doing there thing and loving their life journey. Thank you for being amazing and sharing that every day.

Why did you decide to wear your hair natural? I saw two aunts who went natural and the latter of the two introduced me to the movie Good Hair. Once I saw that I was pretty much convinced. I started scouring the internet for ways to go natural. I came across well known bloggers and vloggers who filled me up with owning my natural curls once again. After scouring through resources I realized that it was needed; the health of my hair had declined from the time I has gotten my first relaxer. So why not?

When did you make that decision? I can’t remember the first time I made the decision but the last relaxer I had was March 31, 2011. I transitioned for  11 months and did my Big Chop March 16th 2012.


Do you have any natural hair stories that you want to share? LOL. I tried thinking of a good one, and the first thing that came to mind was when I got box braid extensions for the first time. I had the braids in for about 3 months and my hair had grown a bit and you know the usual stuff. The time came for me to remove the braids, which I did. I then headed for the shower and proceeded to wash my hair. Little did I know that I would be struggling to the point of no return to detangle my transitioning hair, filled with lint. It took me almost 2 hours and I broke down crying a few times. I learned my lesson though.

Tip: Comb lint out of hair before washing. LOL

How did you educate yourself about natural hair? I read blogs, searched the internet, attended events, asked questions on social media, or took tips from family members.

What type of routine do you follow? Pretty much weekly shampoo, condition, adding a leave-in, and sealing with an oil. I may even add a deep condition and/or steam treatment from time to time. I also like to keep my hair in protective styles during the winter since I’m pretty lazy with doing my hair and it gives me a break.

What are your favorite hair products? I am a recovering product junkie but I now have Karen’s Body Beautiful products in heavy rotation.


Do you have any advice for our new naturals?

Embrace every single moment of your journey. Take time to learn your own journey. Your hair is like NO ONE else.

Do you have any regrets? Thinking that taking care of natural hair was easier than relaxed hair. Hah

How can we follow you and your hair?


Twitter: @AphroditeKinks

Facebook: Aphrodite Kinks

Youtube: BkAphrodite

Instagram: @BkAphrodite

Photo Credit: good-life photography

Photo Credit: good-life photography

Much love and thanks to BkAphrodite for the interview.  It was a thrill to share this, especially after visiting your blog many times in the past!  You are beautiful and it was an experience to learn more about you and share with readers of FleurdeCurl!

Readers…check out BkAphrodite’s blog and hit her up on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram!

Natural Hair Spotlight: Chawana

 photo IMG_7939_zpsbf2bb88e.jpg

My first and most vivid memories of Chawana were her wearing braids all of the time.  I loved them because, if you all didn’t know, I adore braids and locks.  One day, out of the blue, I see Chawana wearing a beautiful curly puff.  I knew that all of those months of transitioning was the beginning of her natural hair journey…I had no idea that in the time since then, we would turn in to close friends and share natural hair journeys and tips with each other. She is also my sista in protective styles…LOL.   I’ve learned a lot from Chawana… but one of the greatest things that I can take from her is, even if you are 3 years deep in your natural hair journey–as I am…you can always learn from others…even if it seems as if their journey has just begun.  I’ve learned a lot and I hope that you guys will too.


Here is what Chawana had to say in her interview with me:

FDC: Tell me about yourself and how you decided to go natural.


My name is Chawana. I have been natural for almost 1 year.  I transitioned for about 10 months.

I accidentally fell into the natural world.  It was not a plan but I didn’t want to put the relaxer as my hair wasn’t healthy and thinning quite a bit. Once I had gone without the creamy crack, I began researching how to care for natural hair and viola!

 photo IMG_7947_zps4f41c3c1.jpg

I would describe my hair as 4c overall but I noticed lately my front is 4b.

I am a product junkie.  I try hard to stick with the essential oils (olive oil, black castor oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil). I like the Giovanni Direct leave in conditioner and my own fluffy shea butter.  I co-wash with Tressemme silicone free and my latest dc is avocado, olive oil,  and raw shea butter. I don’t use the Shea Moisture line anymore I didn’t find it did anything for my hair.

 photo IMG_7934_zpsadf914ec.jpg
 photo IMG_7948_zpse90ba9f5.jpg
 photo IMG_7945_zps2460b416.jpg

I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I love them to death.

My family didn’t care or didn’t voice their opinions because they know I will do what satisfies me. My husband initially was like do what you want it is your hair; however,  he felt I was spending way more money on keeping my hair healthy than I did with a relaxer. My friends are like are you ever going to go back to a relaxer?  My answer,  “No”.  Who cares about my co-workers…no really…lol.

My fave hairstyle is the twist out. It is what I go to in almost all cases.

 photo IMG_7944_zpsc7b26001.jpg
 photo IMG_7942_zps5fcdf96b.jpg
 photo IMG_7943_zps2cbf6b96.jpg
 photo IMG_7946_zps47887408.jpg
 photo IMG_7937_zps74ebdc06.jpg
 photo IMG_7940_zps49c0a85f.jpg

Next up, I will share more on how Chawana cares for her two daughter’s hair while she cares for her own with her busy schedule…

Liked Chawana’s interview?  You can follow her on Instagram for all of her life and natural hair musings: ceece_charles

until next time…