International Natural Hair Meet Up Day NOLA Recap

If you didn’t know, I was invited to INHMD to speak on a blogger panel by Jabreel of Kinks, Kurves and Krafts  The panel was about transitioning.  I had a lot of transitioning stories because during the time of 2009 – October of 2010, I had issues with transitioning because I had nothing to focus on and the advent of natural hair vlogs was still in its infancy.  I jumped at the chance to join the panel and to be a part of this event because I hadn’t been to a natural hair meet up since last year’s INHMD.

The evening before the event, I went to my stylist and had him clean up my cut and cut off all of my bangs that were damaged by the color that I had in my hair previously.  During the cut, it felt like I was big chopping again, but when he was done, I was in awe.  I love this short hair and since I’ll be attending graduate school in the fall, I’ll keep my hair short like this for a little while.


I have a TWA again!

We arrived at the event and I was in awe with what the vendors had to sell.  I was also excited to see Niala Howard of Magnolia Makeup.  If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I adore Magnolia Makeup, so when I saw Niala there, I was excited of course.  I just want you guys to check out their lip colors and pigments.  They are for dark skinned women such as myself and I am thankful for my friend Kandi for introducing me to this brand.



I just had to get a pic!

So, after looking at all of the vendor tables, I finally got a chance to speak during the blogger panel with @CentricSista and @naturallygreer.  We gave our opinions about Transitioning from a perspective of someone who went through the process and not a professional.  My advice has been the same for the past 6 years: If you are not comfortable with wearing your hair in its natural state, evaluate why you want to wear your hair natural and appropriate time to make sure it’s something that you want to do before you do it.  If you want to see me on the panel, I’ve posted the video  from my facebook page below. 13239438_10154278388503274_8957003876141751577_n

The rest of the event touched on caring and styling your natural hair.  The stylist panel gave information regarding how to care for your natural hair on your own and with a professional.  They stressed seeing a professional when you can, but properly taking care of your hair when you cannot.





All and All, I really enjoyed this event and I appreciate being a part of it.  I thank Jabreel for inviting me and I am thankful for meeting a few connections that I made so I can bring more content for you through the blog.  Because of this event, I have a lot more content for you coming, so stay tuned.

Let me know if you were at the event, and if you have any pics with me of- me, please tag me in them.

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…(Summer Edition)

Last week while I was at work, a new natural asked me about this blog.  She wanted to know if I ever posted favorites and wanted to know what my favorite items were for hair and beauty.  I’ve only done it once because my favorites are usually very consistent.  I thought about her request though, and realized that I have been using a lot of new items that I love.  I thought I would sit here tonight and share some of my summer favorites with you guys and get some of your opinions on these items as well.




You already know a lot of my hair favorites.  I love the conditioning creme from Renpure Organics and have been a die hard fan of it since I first purchased it.  It has simplified my whole wash/conditioning routine and added with a little Apple Cider Vinegar (which is a favorite that is not pictured), my hair thrives on wash day.  I never have issues with excessive shed, breakage or detangling.  This product is a keeper.

Castor Oil is also one of my all time favorite hair products.  My hair adores it and eats it up wet or dry.  Since the use of my Castor Oil and Vatika Oil tag team, my hair has become thicker and fuller and more manageable.  A little of this product goes a long way.  Of course, I am out of Vatika Oil, which is another favorite…that’s why it is not pictured.


All of my favorites in my hair at the same time…also wearing a few of my makeup favorites with Ruby Woo by Mac on my lips.

Can you tell I love the Leave In Conditioner from Mixed Chicks?  I do.  It smells awesome and works beautifully in my hair.   My curls are moisturized and pop when I use this leave in.  I had to get the sample size because I used up my other bottle…I will be heading to Target later this week though!

…and last but not least, I love spritzing some rose water and glycerin in my hair when it’s extra dry.  The smell is very pretty and the glycerin and rose water mix keeps my hair and skin so moisturized.



I was turned on to Lancome a few years ago by one of my good friends Amy.  She swore by their products and when I visited a Sephora in Paris, I left with a bag full of Lancome sample goodies.  Since then, I fell in love with their beauty, fragrance and skin care products.  My current favorite from Lancome is the Dual Finish in Suede 555 (C).  The lighting in my house made it look warm, but because of my neck area, cooler color foundations/powders work well with my complexion.  Since it’s hot and humid in Louisiana, I wear this when I want little coverage or when I want to make my foundation matte…which is my other favorite item: the Teint Idole Ultra 24H in Suede 555 (C).  This foundation is all that and then some.  I cannot in express to you how much I love the finish of this foundation on my skin and how it looks so natural and beautiful and matte and lasts throughout my entire workday.  These two items will be my staple from now on.  LOL.  They just look soo good on me.  LOL.


My face using the Dual Finish in Suede 555 (C) and matte lip stick from Kat Von D with a little highlight around my Cupids Bow.

I’m trying not to make this post solely about Lancome, but their products have been some of my favorites for a long time.  I picked up the Youthful Radiance Advanced Genifique Regimen Set which includes the Advanced GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate, the GÉNIFIQUE EYE Youth Activating Eye Concentrate, and the CRÈME RADIANCE Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser.  The CRÈME Radiance works so well and removing dirt and oil from my skin.  I love it sooo much and use it in the morning and evenings when I am removing my make up.  I also noticed that the dark puffiness under my eyes is starting to slowly fade away after using the GÉNIFIQUE EYE Youth Activating Eye Concentrate.  I love them all.  My skin is soo even and looks awesome.  When I leave the house without makeup on, I don’t feel the need to have any because I feel like my skin looks good.  I’ve even gotten complements about my natural skin from plenty of people after using these products.  They are very much my favorites and will stay in my bag indefinitely.  LOL.

becca…and of course, I cannot live without my Becca Beach Tints.  I got a few of them for my birthday and Christmas last year and they have been a die-hard staple in my makeup routine.  I love the subtle flush of color that they give to my lips and cheeks on days where I want a more natural look.  I pair this with a light application of the Dual Finish from Lancome, a not so light application of the Definicils Mascara and a thin stroke of black eyeliner and I have the perfect soft and natural look.

Other Beauty Faves:

IMG_1365If any of you follow me on Instagram or Facebook…or even Twitter for that matter, you know that I hand make my own soaps.  I know exactly what my skin needs so I usually make formulations to combat some of the skin problems that I’ve consistently suffered from.  I also love making my own soaps because it gives me a creative outlet to make something that I can share with others, sell, or gift.  I love this particular bar that I created because it has Golden Seal, Chai, honey, Patchouli, Rose Water and Glycerin…and of course Shea Butter.  These are all of my favorite things wrapped in one bar…and it feels so decadent when I use it.



Ok…so I said that I wouldn’t make this post all about Lancome, but my two all time favorite fragrances are from this company.  I love the fresh scent of Miracle.  This has quickly become one of my all time favorite fragrances.  When I wear this or La Nuit Tresor, my other favorite fragrance from Lancome, I get tons of complements.  I think I love La Nuit Tresor so much because of the Patchouli.  LOL.

naked manicure

…and last but not least…I won this Naked Manicure Professional Set from Zoya on Twitter a few weeks ago, and since then, I’ve fallen in love.  My nails are in such an awesome condition after using this set and I can verify the claims that this product “…provides intense therapeutic, long term benefits for stronger, healthier nails.” I love the Naked colors and the color correction that they provide.  The colors last a full week without chipping and you cannot even tell because they are truly ‘Naked’.  I’ve been looking for a more natural looking manicure for my nails for times when I do not feel like the bright reds, blues or greens that I sometimes tend to rock.  I’ve been embracing a more natural look lately and this set came right on time!

I hope that you enjoyed my favorites.  I know that I enjoy them everyday.  LOL.  I am a beauty junkie and collected tons of cosmetics, skin care items and hair care products.  These are the ones that I consistently go to and they give me a feeling of satisfaction when I spend my money on them and use them…LOL…so naturally, I had to crown them as my Summer favorites!  ♥

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Product Review: Renpure Solutions Cleansing Conditioner, Sweet Pomegranate

Overall Impressions and How I Use the Product:

I really like this product. I’d been wearing my hair up for the past week and noticed that it was dry as a bone with a lot of tangles. After adding the 10 – 12 pumps as instructed on the bottle and waiting for 3 – 5 minutes, I noticed that it was a breeze detangling my hair. I never noticed any hesitation when using my detangling comb. I went a step further by rinsing the product out of my hair and adding another 10-12 pumps while deep conditioning with olive oil. I keep the product in for about 15-20 minutes and rinsed it out. I also added 2-3 pumps as a leave in. While styling, I noticed that my hair was well moisturized, conditioned and completely detangled.


I was pretty impressed, especially after reading a lot of reviews online that seemed to be negative. People accuse me of having good luck with every hair product that I use. I just know that I use the product as instructed and if I know that my hair needs a little more treatment, I add a little more to my routine to make sure that my hair gets the moisture and conditioning that it needs to thrive. I was definitely satisfied with the outcome of my hair after the use of this product and for the price, I will definitely make it a part of my routine.

Let me preface by saying that I only used the Cleansing Conditioner and my hair is color treated and dry. This one product replaced multiple products that I normally use during wash day. I applied the Cleansing Conditioner as a cleanser, a deep conditioner, a leave in conditioner and a detangling cream.   And of course, this product performs quite well in all of these functions. When I used the cleansing conditioner, I applied about 12 pumps of the product for cleansing. I saturated my hair with water for a few minutes, divided my hair into four sections and used 4 pumps of the Cleansing Conditioner for each section of my hair. As it states on the instructions, I splashed a little water to equally distribute the product and left it in for about 5 minutes. I used my wide tooth detangling comb to gently detangle my hair and after, I rinsed the product thoroughly, making sure that the water from the shower head massaged my scalp to ensure that my hair and scalp were clean. After, I divided my hair into sections again and finger combed 10 – 12 pumps of the product with a quarter sized amount of olive oil. I applied my conditioning cap and kept the product in my hair for 15-20 minutes. After deep conditioning, I washed the product completely from my hair and added 3 to 4 pumps as a leave in with coconut oil as a sealant.


I purchased the 16 oz. bottle of the Sweet Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner at Target for $6.99. I used less than a quarter of the bottle in one shampoo/conditioning/leave in session. The price is phenomenal since you can get a whole lot of use out of it for only 7 bucks. What also is awesome is that Renpure has an impressive ingredient list and are very conscious about animal testing and how their product affects the environment.


Purified Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Behentrimonium Chloride, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Argan), Hypnea Musciformis Extract (Red Seaweed), Gellidiela Acerosa Extract (Red Alga), Sargassum Filipendula Extract (Brown Seaweed), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower), Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut),REnpure3 Punica Granatum Fruit Extract (Pomegranate), Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, Pisdium Guajava Fruit Extract (Guava), Butyrospermum Parkii Oil (Shea), Sorbitol, Amodimethicone, Trideceth-12, Cetrimonium Chloride, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Glycereth-26, Silicone Quaternium-17, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Butylene Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance

My Overall Comments Regarding My Experience Using the Renpure Cleansing Conditioner:

Since using this product, I noticed that my hair has been retaining moisture…which is something that I’ve been struggling with for the past few months. I’ve introduced a lot of exercise into my daily routine and had a time trying to achieve a good moisture balance with my hair. The way that I use the Renpure product in my regimen has helped me in keeping my hair nicely moisturized and easy to manage before my next wash day. Of course, as you guys saw in the teaser, I cut a few inches off of my hair due to damage that happened prior to the use of this product. I’ve only used this product once since cutting my hair, but I noticed that my hair is bouncier and healthier than ever. My twists are actually twisting out now and holding the twist out.

As you guys already know, I’m a recovering product junkie, so to defeat myself in purchasing tons of products, I’ve only been using the Renpure Cleansing Conditioner with JBCO, Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. I am very excited about the price for the item, the access to the item at Target and the company’s commitment to not animal test or produce products that are harmful to the environment. My only complaint about the product is the pump. The bottle that I purchased had a defective pump and I had to use a pump from another product to dispense the product properly. I’m not saying that all of the pumps are defective…but I noticed that mine had a problem.

As you guys know, my hair is different from everyone else and may react differently with this product than yours. I am providing this general review for your investigation and hopefully if you try this product, you will be as impressed as I am.

Since I didn’t use the Cleansing Conditioner as instructed on the bottle, here are the product directions from Renpure:


Rinse hair thoroughly.  Make sure hair is wet from roots to ends.  Apply 10-12 pumps.  Work from roots to ends.  Add a splash of water if needed to help spread.  Massage through hair for 2-3 minutes.  You can also comb through hair to help detangle.  Leave in for 3-5 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.  You may also use a small amount after you have towel dried your hair as a leave in and detangle.

Here is a link to another review of a Renpure product…

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Product Review: Besos for Beso…a Review of Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Beso by Stila

Intro to Review: I had no business going into Sephora that afternoon but J.C. Penny sent me a coupon in the mail to have my color matched and to receive a free sample of my match at their Sephora inside of the J.C. Penny store.  I walked into Sephora with my coupon in hand and instead of leaving out with a free sample, I had a small black and white bag full of goodies.  My favorite of the purchase was Beso, a true red matte lipstick from Stila.  I know you already know how much I love a red matte lip, and you know that I have tons of red matte lipsticks, but I had to add it to my collection after the girl at Sephora suggested it to me when I saw that Dragon Girl by Nars was still out of stock.  I rubbed Beso, which is a liquid lipstick, on my lips and a few minutes later I fell in love.  After the purchase,  I wore Beso for a few days and was so impressed, I had to share my review with you guys.

Description from

besoWhat I Love: I instantly fell in love with the product because of the softness of the formula.  It glides on and feels weightless.  It is so easy to apply and to build on if you want dramatic color.  I also love the fact that it lasts so long during the day.  The days that I tested this product, I wore for over 6 hours as suggested by the description.  It did not bleed or transfer and looked fresh when I was ready to remove the product from my lips over 9 hours later.


8:30 AM. I applied Beso to attend a Hair Show that I would be attending all day long in a city that’s 2 hours away. I snapped a quick selfie before leaving for the day.

Beso is also a color that is very complementary to my complexion.  Since I am dark skinned, when I purchase some reds, I have to keep building on the color to get full coverage…especially on my top lip where my skin is darker.  One swipe of Beso provided full coverage for me and I was very satisfied.  I also loved that this is a true matte lipstick and my lips looked so full and beautiful all day long.

Price:  I paid $22 at Sephora for 0.10 Oz of the product.  I know it seems like a lot, but since the product is a full coverage lipstick that delivers long wear with out transfer…I think it’s a steal.  Trust me, I will purchase more at this price because this product performs so well.   I also love the fact that this product does not contain parabens…


11:45 AM …I had breakfast and a bottle of water. My lipstick still looks fresh. About to head inside of the Civic Center for the show. Photo Credit: innovatingconcepts

Overall Review: I just love this product.  It last longer than 6 hours even after eating and drinking and kissing people all day long. When I was testing the product, I attended a Hair Show–Chew’s Hair Affair–and received complements from make up artists who asked what I was wearing and where I purchased it from. That was enough to seal the deal.  LOL.  I also love the coverage of this lipstick and the fact that it is so becoming on my darker skin tone.  This is a dark girl’s dream lipstick and I cannot wait to dry different colors of this formulation in the future.


4:30 PM. Walked out of the Civic Center to get some cash for the vendors. Took a quick pic to capture my OOTD and my makeup against natural light. Photo Credit: innovatingconcepts


…a little after 9 PM. LOL. I am making that face because I am not happy my weekend ended so fast. I had to touch up my face because my nose was shiny. I had dinner at around 6 and a couple of drinks during the day. My lipstick still looks pretty good for the time that has elapsed since application.


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Product Review: ILoveMyFro’s Shea Butter Whip

                I guess you were wondering when I was going to post the long-awaited product review of the free samples that I obtained from ILoveMyFro. I wanted to use the sample to its entirety to ensure that I was giving you an awesome and unbiased review. I also wanted to make sure that I used the products in many different situations to give you a well-rounded review. The first product that I want to talk with you about is the Shea Butter Whip which was one of the products that I really wanted to try from this line. Before I continue, you can visit:  to get free samples of each product. These products were not sent to me and I requested the samples on my own.


                Size and Scent: The samples come in hearty 2oz containers and for me, last forever. I ordered the Mango scented whip and have to tell you, the smell is awesome. It has a nice, soft mango scent with the hint of shea butter. LOL. I obtained this sample over a month ago and still have a quarter of the jar left.

                Price: I only purchased the shipping for a free sample version so I really cannot review the price. I see on the site, a regular sized jar of the product is $5.00 for a 2oz, $15.00 for 8oz, $20.00 for 16oz and $35.00 for 32oz. I’ve had a 2oz for over a month now and still have a lot of product left. Because of this, I don’t think that the pricing is bad at all. You get an awesome, handmade, natural product… you will be supporting a sista…and for me, this product lasts a long time. I will absolutely repurchase the Shea Whip because of all of these reasons.

                Ingredients: (from: Raw African Shea Butter, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, *Cetyl Alcohol, **Cream Maker CAT, Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Emulsifier, Optiphen (Preservative) and Fragrance.

*Cetyl Alcohol is a fatty and moisturizing alcohol that is derived from vegetable oil.

**Cream MakerCAT: Vegetable emulsifier derived from the plant oil Colza.

                My Overall Review: I loved using this product in not only my hair, but on my body as well. My hair reacted awesomely with the use of this product in both curly and blown out situations. I applied to wet and dry hair in several instances and was able to not only refresh my hair but also use as an awesome sealant. In one situation, used the product in a blowout…and applied on dry hair the night before I wore my hair in a specific blown out style. The product held my twists perfectly the whole day after and I also had a lot of shine and bounce in my style as seen in the photos below. When I applied to wet or damp hair, the product worked as an awesome sealant and I was able to have bouncy shiny hair in that curly style as well.


I washed my hair the day before and used the product as a sealant in some plaits that I air dried. Here is the final result. My hair was light and fluffy and very moisturized.


I played around with the blow dryer and this is what happened. I used the product after blowing my hair out 75% dry. I used the product as a sealant again and twisted my hair. After a few hours, I used the Avocado Oil, which was also a free sample from ILoveMyFro, to untwist my hair…and here is what I got.



I used the Shea Whip on top of a leave in and oil as a sealant. I twisted my hair the night before in that sequence (LOC method) and here is what happened the day after.

My favorite use for this product is on my skin…which is terribly dry…especially where I live. I use it on my ashy knees and elbows all the time. Just a little bit of it goes a long way…it leaves me smelling fresh and my skin looks so supple and moisturized after.


On My way to work and I just unraveled some twists for a bang and pinned the rest of my twists up. I used the Shea Whip the night before in my twists and the product provided a lot of hold for this style.


Here, I used the product alone in twists the night before. I put a dime size in each section and twisted. I then took a little on my finger and added some of the product to my ends. The day after, I took some of the Avocado oil in the free samples that I obtained, and unraveled my twists.

                I like this product a lot and will purchase a larger size in the future. I want to use it as an all over product but will use it especially for holding my hair in twists (since that’s how my hair reacts with shea butter) and as a skin moisturizer.

Here are some videos on the product by the owner of ILoveMyFro: FreeWorshipFreeWors on YouTube:

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