Disclaimer & My Promise

I promise to be truthful to my audience to protect the integrity of FleurdeCurl and to assist you on your natural hair endeavor. 

FleurdeCurl.com was created to bring to natural hair enthusiasts information on procedures, hairstyles, events, and products that I’ve discovered during my natural hair journey.  I am not licensed beautician or medical professional.  Information and advice on this site should only be used for informational purposes and is shared to only benefit you in other research that you may acquire during your natural hair investigation.  Please do not accept any information presented on this site as a replacement for professional advice. 

All of the product reviews contained on FleurdeCurl are my honest opinion of the performance of products that I appraise.  I do not and have not received any payments for any product reviews contained on FleurdeCurl.com.  I also do not unfairly review products because of the relationships that I have with the contributors.  In the past, most of the items that I’ve reviewed have been paid for out of my own pocket.  The information that I’ve provided regarding my usage of the product and how it worked for me were based entirely out of my own opinion.  If I receive any free products from any company or source, I will truthfully review the product to the best of my ability.  If you have any questions regarding any of the products that I’ve reviewed in the past, please Contact Me.  

If you would like to submit your product for my review, please see the Sponsorship page.  I will be happy to review your request and accept it, if it will be of any benefit of the purpose and vision of FleurdeCurl.    


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