The day that I learned how to hold a pencil was the day that I became a writer.  My fondest and earliest life memories involve me and my father rummaging through the public library.  Every book I picked up was too old for me.  I knew from that moment on I knew what my first love was…

I’ve created several pages that illuminate who I am and why I decided to create Fleur de Curl. These are very autobiographical and I wanted to share so you can know who is behind this blog.  Thank you for your interest in my FleurdeCurl, my writing and me!  

My Other Blogs:

A Tee Nine Chee Bit of Me

I am always available!  If you have questions regarding my blog, anything that I posted on my blog; or if you would like further help in your natural hair journey, you can contact me.

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I’m ALWAYS talking about Isabis Naturals.  If you have any questions regarding the products that I’ve talked about or want to know more about Brandy and Isabis Naturals in general, you can visit their website @ or contact their customer service line at: 1-866-214-5510.

 Love the work of HairStylist John Washington?  If you have any questions regarding your hair or if you want to inquire about services, you can contact him at:


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