About Fleur de Curl & Kimba

The Background on the Creation of Fleur de Curl:

Fleur De Curl was born after watching a New Orleans Saints preseason game and admiring the Fleur de Lis. If anyone knows anything about me, they know that I love flowers and curls… thus the name Fleur de Curl was created.

I remember as a child, my uncle Dalton would call every beautiful women he met a ‘Flower’. His special ‘Flowers’ were his children, his nieces, his sisters, my grandmother and the women that he dated. I miss my uncle Dalton, but the memory of his compliments still move inside of me. He was very proud the first time I wore my hair natural and the memory of his excitement always burns in the back of my mind.

I see all women with a struggle as beautiful flowers. All women with a social conscience, need for change, and responsibility to woman and humankind all possess the strong and forceful beauty of a dainty flower growing in a field of weeds.

The strongest and most beautiful of all to me are those women of African decent who carried the burden of negativity, stereotype and abuse for centuries.

The most liberating thing for a Black woman is to choose to live her life outside of the social stereotypes that are expected of her being.

Fleur de Curl is not just about hair, it’s about change, social and environmental responsibility, love and laughing, open-mindedness and spirituality.

Kimba (me):

The day that I learned how to hold a pencil was the day that I became a writer.  My fondest and earliest life memories involved me and my father rummaging through the public library.  Every book I picked up was too old for me.  I knew from that moment on that my first love would always be the literary arts.

I began my natural hair journey years before my hair actually was categorized as ‘natural’.  My senior year of college, in 2003, was the year that I discovered that I loved natural hair.  I started transitioning.  I had no idea what I was doing…I just knew that I didn’t put relaxers in my hair anymore.  That year I was an active English Major.  I wrote…I read…I loved literature.  When I graduated in December everyone told me I needed to relax my hair to be professional.  I believed them.  At the same moment…my writing took a hiatus.

December 2009 marked the last time I put a relaxer in my hair.  In the beginning of 2010, I decided that I would transition again.  I transitioned until October of 2010 when I made my birthday as the marker day for my Big Chop.  October 31, 2010 was one of the most liberating days of my life…and I’ve not looked back since.

 My natural hair journey also took me back to my writing roots.  Becoming more natural in my life opened up the old Kimba that was shut down years before.  I started reading again,  and began writing again.  I started becoming more conscious about the environment and community service. One day it clicked that I wanted to share my writing and passions with you.  Thus, Fleur de Curl was created on a whim.

Kimba: May 2012

Social Responsibility & the Environment:

The greatest gift that we received as humankind from our Creator is the world. It was lent to us on a promise that we would care for it and that promise has never been kept. The biggest goal for Fleur De Curl is to awaken the sleeping mind of the environmentalist inside of us all. Our Earth bore us life and it will cradle our death…it was here before we knew who we were and will be here when we forget.

We also have the gift of service embedded inside of us all.  If each of us donate a little of our gifts, talents, and time to others, we will have accomplished the very nature of humanity.  Service should be as important as keeping your natural hair beautiful or wearing a fashionable outfit.  Service should be at the forefront of our accomplishments and that spirit should be passed on to our children.


Side Note:

This will not be an autobiographical text used as a catalyst for social change…Although I will try to make it that way…

On a lighter note, if you want to speak with me, contact me, praise my blog or anything else of that nature, you can contact me. I will take blog suggestions, product review suggestions, fashion suggestions and criticism, etc.

Remember, I will always keep  responsibility as a priority with this blog, so I wouldn’t expect too much negative action around here unless there is a cause for such…and it will only be used as a gateway for positivity…


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