I’m Still Here

I noticed that a few months ago, WordPress made an attempt to pull funds from my credit card regarding a payment for my hosting.  Becuase I changed my credit card changed, they were not able to pull.  Fleurdecurl.com did not work for almost 3 months and I had no idea until yesterday.  This was the moment when I realized that I hadn’t blogged in a while.  My life has been so busy for the past few months.  I’ve made a lot of changes in the progression of my career, I’ve been doing well in school and I’ve made a lot of new friends who have been taking a lot of my time.  I’ve also decided to grow my hair out and have been wearing it in a wash and go for the past few months as well.  The Fleurdecurl.com Facebook and Instagram pages are still active and now the blog is back in stride again.

I guess I ought to tell you what’s been going on with me:

    1. I’m a school teacher now.  This is the most exciting news that I have for you.  This July, I was offered a job to teach 5th and 6th graders at a local private/Christian school.  I accepted this offer because I’ve been an undercover educator my whole life.  There were a few things that did not make it official for me back then, but when I received the offer, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity because I feel that this opportunity was ordained for my life.  I’m actually three weeks in and I enjoy my job.  I wake up in the morning ready to go to work and I want to give my students everything that I received from my best educators and then some.  I’ve been working really hard to take care of my students and I will go into detail more about these ventures in future blogs.



2.  I am doing well in graduate school.I’ve completed a year of my MLIS degree.  I am enjoying the curriculum, instructors and my fellow students as well.  I’ve actually closed out a year of study with a 3.9 GPA.  I’ve made all As in my classes, but because I made an A- in one of the classes, it dropped my GPA to a 3.9 because of the quality points system that my University participates in.   I’ve been invited to join an honors society but declined because of my time restraints.  Hopefully, I obtain the scholarships that I applied to in the Spring.  I will keep you guys posted on if I obtain some of these scholarships or not.

3.  I was offered a part-time job at the Public Library.  I am still working on this and have accepted the offer.  Since this is a city job, I have to go through a rigorous background and health check so I will keep you posted on what’s going on with this offer.

4.  I’m growing out my hair.  I did not have time to drive to New Iberia every other Saturday to keep my short hair short.  I decided to grow out my hair to a certain length.  I am not growing it long like it was before though because I do not want to worry about the constant maintenance of twisting and detangling.  I have an afro puff now and will take pictures for you.  This afro puff is definitely a throw back to 2010 when I first big chopped.

5.  I haven’t forgotten about y’all.  Leaving a job that you worked for 12 years took a lot of time out of my schedule, on top of the other things that I’ve been working on.  I have not forgotten about my subscribers and I am excited just to say that you guys are still with me.  I am thinking about covering the Baton Rouge Natural Hair Expo in November and if I do, you know I will have a giveaway in store for you guys. I am also working on another one of September to “Welcome Myself” back to the blog.  LOL.  Stay tuned.



Until Next Time,

BTW, I love the Chucks. I am currently building my Chuck collection. LOL.


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