My Short Hair…Secret…

I made a promise to some people (who I will not name) that I would not share my secret to the definition of the curls that I have in my short hairstyle. As a follower of this blog, you know that I have naturally curly hair. Although it is curly, my curls are never defined unless I use the help of this thing here!


Some of you already know about this awesome item that you can purchase at beauty supply stores. I’ve used this sponge for over 4 months now and it has simplified my whole hair routine.

How do I use it you ask?

First, I start by co-washing my hair and sealing with a leave-in. After adding in the leave in, before my hair starts to dry, I rub the sponge all over my head in a clockwise motion. This takes only a few seconds. I seal again with a light oil…then I bounce.


Excuse my dry skin.  LOL.  The weather changed recently and I’m fighting a dry skin battle that includes moisturizer that is failing me.  LOL

Here are some YouTube videos showing how to use the Sponge. I’ll also provide a link that will show you where to purchase one!

Until Next Time!

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