Put Some Respeck on Gabby’s Edges

I really wish that people on social media would actually get a life. I don’t usually rant on the blog…or maybe I do… but I’ve had enough with seeing comments made by black women about Gabby Douglas’ edges. After all the collective that we’ve seen for unity in the past few months, some people could not give up coon-ish behavior and allowed their coon tendencies to reveal themselves on social media. I’m not aware if this is because they are jealous of Gabby’s achievements, are ignorant, or are really that superficial to take a few seconds of degrading comments on social media commentary to tarnish the positive accomplishments that Douglas has achieved. Whatever the case may be, if you are supposedly down for the cause, then stop it. Your attempt at comedy by making fun of someone who is accomplishing something makes you look ignorant…therefore making the jokes that you craft in tweets and Instagram memes, on you.

Let me educate you on something. If you sweat, your edges will not lay down. You can have a black beautician carefully style your hair for hours. You can relax your edges until you get chemical burn…but if you are an athlete who is active more times than not, then your edges will not lay. I am certain that the people who are making these comments do not lift anything but a fork and have the time to sit in a salon for hours while doing nothing in between.

I’m only on here ranting because I’ve been hosting this blog since 2011, and I’ve been natural since 2010. I am tired of hearing ignorant comments made by people about something as superficial as hair in an athletic event. If Gabby were modeling for the cover of Vogue, then I wouldn’t be as upset about these comments…but she wasn’t. She was involved in an athletic event that involved constant movement which involves sweating.

These same people expressing outrage about Douglas’ edges were silent when different states were trying to get away with passing discriminatory Voter ID laws or when the Justice Department confirmed everyone’s claims about Baltimore Police targeting black residents. It’s a shame that we sit there and try to mandate beauty standards for people who are actually taking the time to use their talents to make a more diverse world for us to live in. These same mandates that the social media judges are making are the same ones that black women struggle with every day…the same ones that make black women uncomfortable with the hair that they have or the skin color that they were born with.

You may think that these comments are indeed jokes, but they have a deeper context than just that. We can have our opinions about anything and everything, but before you go and try to make fun of someone doing something good, take a look at yourself…take a look at the conditions that black people have in this country right now, and make an educated decision before you conform into coonery by bashing something that someone cannot control.

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One thought on “Put Some Respeck on Gabby’s Edges

  1. Seriously! Thank you. I even wondered if people were just doing it as a joke, because how ridiculous can people be. And there’s actually NOTHING wrong with her hair. Haha. When I look at the picture…I just see a girl with a bun. I looks clean. I looks like she puts oil on it. Heck! It’s not even curly. I think some people just can’t handle that she’s young and so successful so they’re trying to pick her apart.

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