My Essence Festival Weekend

Hello readers!  I know it’s been a while.  I’ve been getting my vacationing in before school starts this fall.  If you haven’t heard, I’ll be starting the MLIS program at LSU in the fall.  I am very excited because it took me almost 14 years post Bachelor’s Degree to finally go back to school.  Obtaining my Master’s in Library and Information Science has been a dream of mine since I was a child…and now my dream is finally coming true.  This all will be challenging because I am working full time, but this is also something that I am passionate about and I am ready to begin my future.  I’ve also been looking for Library work in my local area so I can get more experience in my field.  It’s been a busy few months, stalking job sites and ensuring that my resume is in its tip-top shape. Because of this, I finally decided to take a break for one of my favorite weekends of  the year–4th of July–and what else would I do but visit the Essence Festival!  

I’ve always wanted to attend the 365 Black Awards during the festival and stalked the website all year long, waiting to RSVP some seats.  By my surprise, one day while I was at lunch, I logged on to my email and saw that I could reserve seats to this event!  I expediently did so and now I am sharing that experience with you.  I loved this event as much as I love the whole Essence experience.  I had fun this year, even though I did not spend the whole weekend in New Orleans!  If you haven’t experienced the Essence Festival, I say you have to try it at least once.  Check out the seminars, the 365 Black Awards, the excitement in the Convention Center, the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo,  the specialness of the city, and of course the concerts!  You are never too old or too young to enjoy Essence Weekend.  

Here are some shots of my hair and what I did last weekend! The awards show will be aired sometime this summer and I cannot wait to watch it again!  Were you there this weekend?  Please share your experiences with me!

Were you in New Orleans last weekend?  Please share your experiences with me!


Kelly Price

Anthony Hamilton and the Hamiltones 

Lance Gross and Amber Riley

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