What I’m Reading: Grandfather Lee & the Bees

You are probably wondering why I am highlighting a children’s book.  I haven’t talked books in a while and the last book that I highlighted was by James Baldwin.  I’ve been reading a lot since then and in my reading adventures, I found that one of the people who has influenced me the most in my life—especially as a young adult—published two wonderful children’s books that I adore.

            I was in the library Thursday afternoon looking for “Home” by Toni Morrison when I saw a sign hanging in the library for a book signing by Theresa Singleton.  My heart skipped and I couldn’t wait to locate the date.  Just my luck it was the next day and I was, on coincidence, off from work.  My mind wandered to the past and how Mrs. Singleton influenced me so much in my high school years.  Her family invited me into their family as one of their own.  I babysat her beautiful children and now, I’ve watched them turn into awesome young adults. I remember the days when I was their age and a little younger and Mrs. Singleton was my high school librarian.  She encouraged me to write and helped to fuel my passion for literature.  Even as an adult, she encouraged me to finish my education in the literary arts and is always a dynamic positive influence on my life.

Cover for Grandfather Lee & the Bees

            As you can suspect, I made it a point to catch the book signing.  I sat in the back, behind the children who enjoyed her second book: “Zydeco Zoom”.  They were tapping their feet and snapping their fingers and I wanted to join in and do the same.  I remember when I first learned about “Grandfather Lee & the Bees” and saw it on Amazon.  That was a little over a year ago.  I vowed to get a copy and save it for myself…and maybe for some kids that may influence my life in the future.

            I will not disclose all of the details about the book.  All I will tell you is that Grandfather Lee has a wonderful journey trying to steal honey…and there is also a great song and a Bee Dance that goes with it that ends the book.

            If you have children or if you are like me and just enjoy children’s literature, check out “Grandfather Lee & the Bees” or “Zydeco Zoom” by Mrs. Theresa Singleton.  They are very enjoyable and I am sure at the end, you will be snapping and stomping just like I was in the library—enjoying a great story accompanied by a fun song.

    More info? Visit Theresa Singleton at www.theresasingleton.net

I got my signed copy!



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