Product Review: ELF Studio’s High Definition Powder

                       It’s enough that I waste my time and dwindle my money away in Target all of the time…but then for Target to sell ELF at the amount that they do, really helps me spend more quality time there. One of my favorite Naturals, Eileen, told me to try the HD powder from ELF and that it was at Target. I decided that on my next trip there, I would check it out since it was in the ELF studio line and wouldn’t cost more than $6.00. When I got there, I noticed that this was the last HD powder left on the shelf. I grabbed it and I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now.

               1st…lemme give a shout out to Target aka Tar jay for the ELF schwag. I will be returning tonight for the Spring Nail Polish set!
               2nd…lemme give a shout out to ELF for the Eco Friendly products that are an awesome price:
               3rd…this HD powder is awesome and I will tell you why…

               I usually apply concealer under my eyes, around my eyebrows and my cheekbones (NYX nutmeg). It is always added on top of my foundation. And you all know, that, if the concealer is not set, it can ‘bleed’ throughout the day. It is always advised to ‘set’ your concealer with powder…This HD finishing powder does an AWESOME job of setting my concealer. It allows for me to blend my concealer into my foundation and blush and eliminate lines while providing a set for my face. I work 8 hours a day—at work for about 9 and a half hours. My make-up is flawless all day when setting with the HD powder. It is shocking because the product costs so little, but does a big job such as that.

               The HD powder also provides a matte finish to your make up. I like this because I tend to get oily during the day—especially in this Louisiana humidity. I notice that the majority of a warm, humid day (which we’ve been having a lot of lately), my make-up stays matte. There are some instances where I have to re-apply around my T-zone area, but it sets again and applies that matte finish. For 6 dollars, I don’t mind having to re-apply once on a very humid day. For 6 dollars, I am happy that it works the way that it does. I will continue to purchase this product and if I notice anything else, I will be sure to blog about it later.


And so you ask…How to apply this powder…

ELF’s HD powder comes with this cool powder puff.  Usually, I close the product with the puff in it, turn it upside down and let the powder sift through the openings onto the puff.  When removing the puff, I tap the back to remove excess.  I dab a little powder over the areas with conceler and around my T-Zone area.  I then take a blending brush and blend the powder with my existing make up until I get the desired effect.  Always start off with a little and if you need more, then you can add more product.  If you add too much at first, your face may have an ashy look…which is not cute…LOL…especially on brown skin!



And any of you who know me know that I love ELF products… why do I love ELF so much?

               Well, first of all, despite what you may think, Fleur de Curl is not rich. Every now and then I can splurge on the Lancôme or MAC, but most of the time I have to think drug store and get something that is of quality for a good price. ELF has the best prices for the quality of the make up that they sell. Now, I may have an issue with their brushes sometimes, but all in all, you get awesome quality for a very small price.

               ELF also does not engage in animal cruelty to create their products. You know that this is a big thing for me. As a consumer, I don’t want to provide to companies that animal test. ELF also supports PeTA in the Fur Free campaign:

               I’m currently looking at all of the products that I have in my arsenal right now to see if they animal test or not. It’s not hard to stop purchasing one brand and replace it with ELF because of the price points that ELF sets for their products. I can take a few dollars and have a whole face of quality, cruelty free, mineral make up (they do have a mineral line) that looks just as good as department store. I am not a make up artist…so this works perfectly for me.

Before Blending:


After Blending:

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3 thoughts on “Product Review: ELF Studio’s High Definition Powder

  1. I’ve heard great things about this powder! I guess I need to give it a go especially now that it’s getting warmer out! I love Elf products! I didn’t even know they were cruelty free ^_^

  2. […] Earlier this year, I was talking about how much I loved the translucent HD powder by ELF studio.  I recently took some pictures using a HD camera and I wanted to share with you how lovely my makeup looked when using this powder.  If you hadn’t read the original post with the actual review, here is it is: […]

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